How Do I Know If a “We Buy Houses” Company Is Legitimate?

How Do I Know If a “We Buy Houses” Company Is Legitimate?

How Do I Know If a “We Buy Houses” Company Is Legitimate?

If you’re wanting to sell your house fast, you can start to feel overwhelmed if you aren’t finding any potential buyers right away! But, have no fear, because at Freedom Homebuyer, we buy houses quickly and we’re willing to offer cash for them! 

However, we know that people have heard of numerous kinds of scams with “we buy houses” companies though. Let us clear the air and tell you about how you can check out legitimate offers from our industry. 

2. The Number of Scams in the “We Buy Houses” Industry Tends to Be Exaggerated

For one of these companies to be a part of a scam operation, it would mean that something illegal has taken place when a homeowner has sold their house. However, when a lot of people refer to our industry as a “scam,” what the person using that term typically means is that they were ultimately unhappy with the amount they were paid for their house. 

If the homeowner was paid the cash amount offered by the “we buy houses” company, then no scam occurred even if the owner wishes that they would have been paid more.

2. Buying a House for Cash Seems “Too Good to Be True”

We hear this one all the time. Potential customers believe our industry must be a scam because the ease of avoiding the legalities, time, home inspections, and closing fees involved with selling your home through a traditional realtor seems like it must be too simple and too easy. 

Yet, just because our industry makes things simple doesn’t mean we’re a scam! It just means we’re investors who’d love to pay you cash upfront for your home. 

3. Talk to a Representative If You’re Weary 

At Freedom Homebuyer in Glendale, we completely understand that clients can be nervous to sell their home for cash if they’ve never done it. 

Our solution? Give us a call at 480-462-6445! 

We promise we’re a friendly bunch and would love the chance to talk with you about your home!

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