Will I Actually Make Money If I Sell My Home to a Cash Buyer?

Will I Actually Make Money If I Sell My Phoenix Home to a Cash Buyer?

Will I Actually Make Money If I Sell My Home to a Cash Buyer?

To answer this question, let me pose another question to you. Will you make money if you sell your home through a realtor? We think that this is the more prominent question. If the answer is “yes,” then you should make money when selling to a cash buyer too.

What Is a Cash Buyer?

A cash buyer is someone who comes in and offers you cash to buy your home. You don’t have to jump through all of the hoops that a real estate company makes you go through either. We can get you the cash for your home within seven days of our initial contact. It’s that simple.

Why Go with a Cash Buyer?

This is one of those questions that has many different stems that we could run with. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Time - Timing is everything when selling a home. If you are selling a home quickly and are wanting to get rid of it, a cash buyer is most likely your best option. It is the best way for you to get out of your home. 
  • Effort - The effort of selling a home is difficult. You need to first get the home ready and hire a realtor. Then, you have to keep the home constantly clean so that the realtor can show the home to people. And to top it all off, this process is time-consuming. You get to skip all of this when you work with us!
  • Convenience - Our goal is to make the selling process as easy as possible. We don’t care if the home is dirty or clean, damaged or fixed. We will buy anything. We will fix the home up ourselves. The goal is to make things as simple as possible for you.
  • Money - I know this sounds crazy, but money is a big factor. If your home is in need of repairs, those things could cost you a lot of money. Like we said earlier, we will buy any home in any condition.

Will You Make Money?

So, here is the catch with everything. Money is important for this decision. When you go with us, you don’t have to pay all of the fees associated with selling through a realtor. Those fees can be upwards of 5 to 10% of the selling cost. This alone should make you shudder. This is why we don’t charge fees or anything.

So, what are you waiting for? We would love to start this quick and simple process with you today! Call us at 480-462-6445 or fill out the form. We would love to buy your house today!

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